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Pedal Power
In October, 2001 the community of Letcher donated used bicycles to the Pedal Power from the Pen Program. They were collected by Roger Triebwasser. Here is some information about that program.

Pedal Power from the Pen is a program started at the Mike Durfee State Prison in Springfield, South Dakota in 1997. The Program receives its bicycles from Law Enforcement agencies, private citizens and citizen groups that collect bikes and tricycles from residents in South Dakota communities.

The bicycles, tricycles and wagons are received at the Mike Durfee State Prison, where a crew of inmates, supervised by a staff member, refurbishes them. The bicycles may receive new tires or rims, seats, cables, gears and/or paint. Prior to leaving the facility, each bike is given a test run to ensure trouble free riding.

When the bikes are completed, they are given to law enforcement agencies or charitable organizations around the State of South Dakota. These agencies are then given the task of providing them to children who, for whatever reason, cannot afford or do not have a bicycle.

The largest contributors to the success of the Pedal Power are the Sioux Falls Police Department, the South Dakota Highway Patrol Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner and Fund Raiser, and Roger and Jerry Triebwasser. The Sioux Falls Police Department has donated thousands of bicycles, the Highway Patrol has contributed $6,000 over the past three years, and Roger and Jerry have collected over five hundred bikes for the program.

The single largest bicycle giveaway is at the South Dakota Highway Patrol Dinner held in November each year. In 2001, over three hundred bicycles will be distributed through law enforcement officers. In addition to those bikes, the South Dakota Trial Lawyers Association has donated three hundred safety helmets that will be provided with the bicycles.

As of October 24, 2001, a total of 2,532 bicycles and tricycles have been refurbished and distributed to happy South Dakota children. The Program grew from distributing 37 bikes in 1997 to 201 in 1998. In 1999, 697 bikes were given away. In the year 2000, 972. So far this year, 362 have been given homes to excited kids.